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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) City Regulations for

Morgan Hill, CA

Morgan Hill is a city in Santa Clara County, California. If visiting the area be sure to check out Henry W. Coe State Park or spend the afternoon tasting local wines at Guglielmo Winery. 


If the lot is zoned for residential and contains a single family dwelling unit – 1 ADU is allowed. (State requirements)

Lot Size:

State Standards don’t specify minimum lot size.

Maximum ADU Floor Area:

Min ADU size is 150 sqft. The increased floor area of an attached accessory dwelling unit shall not exceed 50 percent of the existing living area, with a maximum increase in floor area of 1,200 square feet. The total area of floor space for a detached accessory dwelling unit shall not exceed 1,200 square feet. No max limit for conversions. Max JADU size is 500 sqft. (State requirements)

Number of Bedrooms:

Maximum 2 bedrooms.


No min/max


Require separate kitchen facilities (permanent range, counters, refrigerator, and sink) and bathroom. Detached secondary dwelling units shall provide separate and independent septic tank sewage disposal systems. All leach lines shall be designed and installed in accordance with Bulletin A, “Septic Tank Sewage Disposal System,” or other current septic system requirements issued by the Santa Clara County Environmental Health Services. This provision shall only apply in areas of city where septic tank disposal systems are allowed due to lack of sanitary sewer lines. In other areas of the city, the second unit shall be connected to the sanitary sewer system through the existing lateral line serving primary dwelling unit.


Parking requirements do not exceed one parking space per unit or per bedroom. These spaces may be provided as tandem parking on an existing driveway. Parking spot is not required if the property is located within 0.5 mile distance to public transportation station.


Detached ADUs must conform to the building setback and FAR or lot coverage limitations for the applicable zoning district.


The design of the secondary dwelling unit shall be compatible with the design and scale of the existing dwelling (using substantially the same landscaping, color, materials, and design on the exterior) and the general character of the neighboring residential properties.


Secondary dwelling units may be either detached or attached to primary dwelling unit on the property. Detached ADUs must be located at least 6′ from the primary dwelling.

Rear Yard Coverage:

Must follow requirements established by the zoning district in which lot is located.


The design of secondary dwelling unit shall be compatible with design and scale of existing dwelling (using substantially the same landscaping, color, materials and design on exterior) and the general character of neighboring residential properties.