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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) City Regulations for

Los Gatos, CA

Los Gatos is an incorporated town in Santa Clara County, California. If visiting the area be sure to check out Vasona Lake County Park or Castle Rock State park to experience the beautiful local trails. After a beautiful day of hiking, Byington Vineyard & Winery is a great place to stop for a refreshing glass of wine. 


Attached/Detached: R-1/R-D/R-1D/RM/HR/RC

Lot Size:

No minimum as long as ADU complies with lot coverage guidelines.

Maximum ADU Floor Area:

An additional 10% in the FAR standards for all structures, excluding garages, is allowed for an ADU up to 1,200 sq. ft. Planning staff should be consulted to calculate the allowable floor area for an ADU per the HSD&G.

Number of Bedrooms:

Two Bedrooms Maximum.


Must comply with floor area ratios for primary structures.


To include permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation on same parcel as single-family dwelling is situated


One parking space is required per ADU or per bedroom, whichever is less. Exceptions apply.


Attached: same as the primary dwelling. Detached in R-1/R-D/RM/R-1D: front and streetside setbacks are the same as the primary dwelling, rear and side setbacks and separation from other structures are 5’ minimum. Detached in HR/RC: minimum setbacks are the same as primary dwelling unit, located within the least restrictive development area (slopes less than 30%).


15’ and one story with the following exceptions:

Attached in R-1/R-D/R-M/R-1D/HR/RC: allowed within existing space, or where a two-story primary dwelling unit exists.

Detached in R-1/R-D/RM/R-1D: allowed within existing space, or above an existing one-story accessory building, where a two-story primary dwelling exists.


ADUs are not allowed in front of the primary dwelling unit in R-1/R-D/RM/R-1D zones.

Rear Yard Coverage:

In R1/RD/RM zones, the maximum allowable coverage with any roofed structures is 40%.


The design, form, materials, and color of new second dwelling unit to be compatible with primary dwelling unit and neighborhood.