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We Are Managed Construction

At Rise Builders, we take managed construction to a higher level. Our profound commitment to customer service and satisfaction shines through in everything we do. We pride ourselves on delivering strong value on every project, leaving the competition behind. Three key concepts guide us and set us apart from the rest:

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Communication is Now

We embrace tech and its role in project communication. By staying current on the latest digital tools, we get accurate and explicit information into the field at lightning speed. Your dreams become reality just as quickly.

Construction for today

As a cutting edge company dedicated to providing premier customer service, we thrive on delivering unparalleled workmanship on every assignment. We build a product forged by experience and refined by contemporary techniques.

Home Remodel

Relationships first

Good relationships are good business. Top quality product, rigid schedule conformance, design aid, and client comfort is how we build those relationships. It just makes sense.

Give us a call now to talk about your next project, or read on to learn more about what we have to offer. We think you will be impressed.

A New Superior Breed of Builder

The residential construction industry has historically been characterized by delays and miscommunication. Too many homeowners have suffered the pain associated with the well-known faults of the average builder. Rise Builders was founded to set a new and superior standard. We listened to feedback about our industry and developed a new approach designed to transform the process. From our aggressive implementation of technology to our deep commitment to our clients’ comfort, we’ve re-imagined the home-building business from the ground up. Choose Rise Builders for your next project and you will see why so many of our clients have become fans. Our experience, dedication, and uncompromising standards combine to produce benefits like: 


Flexibility. Our granular management and cutting-edge communication allow us to make adjustments in real time with utter confidence. Our adaptability to change sends us flying past the competition and gives us the ability to recalibrate on the spot.


Service. We are no "one truck" building company. Our capabilities span over the entire process, from end to end. Whether that means design aid and constructability analysis or permitting services, we are well equipped to provide every conceivable type of support. It is never acceptable to us that any client should ever lack any desired type of service.


Comfort. The home building process can be painful, but we have proven that it doesn’t have to be. True project management, powered by deep-level communication, ensures that our customers never suffer the losses so inherent to our industry. Our highly managed approach and industry-leading schedule conformance inspire confidence and peace of mind, leading to a process characterized by ease, comfort and joy.


Speed. We leverage digital tools and communication in ways that allow us to complete our projects with unparalleled speed and customer joy. Never compromising or taking shortcuts, we adhere to schedules that no competitor could contemplate, bringing the value of a highly managed process to each client.


Quality. We demand the best from ourselves at all times, and we do the same with our partners. We work with only the most carefully vetted subcontractors and select those most qualified to excel on each project. Our highly involved management and oversight ensures top-level quality at all times.


Value. Above all else, we always deliver more for our clients. While other builders may occasionally have a lower up-front bid, their process will often leave their clients facing delays, unanswered questions, low-quality work, and cost overrun. No other managed builder can match our technologically enhanced efficiency, responsiveness, and speed. Our uncompromising insistence on excellence adds directly to the overall value equation.

Residential construction companies have a reputation for being difficult and nerve-wracking to work with. Our experience, technology, processes, and standards have allowed us to break the mold in ways that amaze and delight our clients. We are pioneers of a new method of building that truly puts customers first.

Rise Builders is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Project

We have been privileged to be entrusted with many of the most exciting residential building and remodeling projects in the Bay Area in recent years. We are always learning and finding new ways to impress our clients even more. Some of the kinds of work Rise Builders has become best known for are: 

Custom Home Finished Product

Custom Homes

Having a new home built should always be exciting and enjoyable. Our custom homes consistently exceed the expectations of our clients, turning their dreams into reality. Scheduling delays and poor communication will be ruled out from the start when you choose Rise Builders.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs.)

ADUs make life in the Bay Area more affordable for many property owners and their tenants. Our clients know that choosing Rise Builders for the construction of a granny pad, granny flat, in-law unit, or other Accessory Dwelling Unit will make their investments pay off. We take each ADU project as seriously as we do every other type of work.

ADU Garage Conversion
Bathroom Remodel

Home Remodeling

Whether building kitchens, bathrooms, or bedrooms, we leverage our extensive experience at remodeling and renovation to the definite benefit of our clients. We take the utmost care to minimize disruption while staying on schedule at all times. That means you see only the upside from a remodeling project, instead of dealing with the hassles imposed by so many others.


A new space addition can make your well loved home an even more satisfying place to live. Our ability to adapt and exert fine-grained control over every stage of the process makes us the best in the business. Our work quality ensures that every addition becomes a true pleasure to own. 

Whatever the type of project, Rise Builders is ready and eager to highlight the difference our unique approach to building makes. Our word of mouth approval is unparalleled, and we are still finding ways to set the bar even higher. Choose Rise Builders for your next project and you will never again be satisfied with less than the best. Our highly managed, technologically empowered approach is THE new and vastly superior way to build. Leave the old and poorly managed model behind and get in touch now for a free consultation.